Be studious.

Here’s something you should check out at Alkek ( ha ha, library puns). The library will be open continuously from May 3 to May 12. Computers, study rooms and other resources will be available to those of us who put off studying until the week of finals. Pulling an all-nighter just seems so much more effective at the library than somewhere with a bed, so take advantage of Alkek’s extended hours. Good luck with finals!


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Cheap and chill

Many students at Texas State already know that the river is great for swimming and sunbathing.  Unfortunately, many of them miss out on other fun things to do at the river.  The  Outdoor Recreation Center  at Sewell Park rents any materials needed for outdoor fun to students. Bring your I.D. card and your sense of adventure to go canoing, kayaking and snorkeling. If you’re not feeling adventurous, but still want to enjoy a trip down the river, the center also offers tube rentals.

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Rock on.

The grand opening of the Student Recreation center may have been last week, but it’s not too late to celebrate the cool new additions. If the thought of jogging and weightlifting makes you cringe, you should probably give the new rock wall a shot. The Recreation Center has all the necessary equipment, including a staff members that actually know what they’re doing. The rock wall is a fun and safe way to get a workout, and you can use the fact that you’ve been rock climbing all day as a great pick-up line at the bar.

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Play ball! Well, just watch.

I hate throwing, catching, running and breaking a sweat. Luckily, our Bobcat athletes love that sort of stuff and are pretty good at it. What’s even better is that lazy people like me can watch these men and women kick butt and take names for free with a student I.D.! A schedule of games is available on Texas State’s Web site.  Go support our Bobcats and enjoy some free fun at the same time!

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Visit Aquarena!

The Aquarena Center is owned by the university, but students seem to be missing out on it. Maybe they are dead-set on avoiding an educational experience in their downtime, or perhaps they’ve heard of the hokey displays and cartoons indoors.  Either way, these people are missing out on a fun, relaxing, and relatively cheap experience that they can’t get anywhere else in the world. The first time I went to Aquarena, it was an amusement park, complete with mermaids and a swimming pig. I went back nearly two decades later to find a mecca of environmental education. At first I thought I’d be dissappointed, but the glass-bottom boat ride was absolutely amazing. An article in the Austin American-Statesman revealed that the center is now adding a fleet of glass-bottom kayaks for visitors who want to experience the sights of Spring Lake without being on a boat full of kids.  Skip the outlets one weekend and check it out. It’ll be a cheaper and more memorable experience than any shopping trip.

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Electric Mayhem

Every Wednesday, Bar One41 is completely packed for Hip Hop Night. This is most likely due to Electric Mayhem, a DJ duo that plays just about anything you can dance to. Wednesday, Electric Mayhem is celebrating its seventh anniversary.  Admission is free for those 21 and older, and five dollars for minors. Bring your student I.D. and some dancing shoes!

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The best sport ever!

If you’ve driven by Tantra coffeehouse on a Sunday, you’ve probably witnessed the coolest sport ever. On Sunday afternoons, brave souls mount unicycles and play football. Sounds ridiculous? It is. In fact, it’s ridiculously awesome.

April 26 should be even more fun than usual, since it’s Stupor Bowl IIV. It’s the championship game, so it should be pretty great to watch. Admission is free, but bring money in case you get hungry. Everything starts around 2:00 p.m. in the parking lot next to Tantra, right across from the little HEB.

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